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4 Enticing Ways To Get Fit

A new year brings about new enticing ways of showing your body some love. Whether you have a goal to reach or are just attempting to get a bit fitter, there's nothing better than a dose of mood-boosting exercises to mix up your (already tedious) gym routine. 

Our favourite type of fitness always involves having fun, so we asked lifestyle writer and editor Sara Darling to tell us the new workout trends on the horizon for 2017...

G E T  T H E  G A D G E T S . . . 

Technology is making a massive impact on the way we exercise and individual app based exercises are big news. Programming in your goals is not only extremely motivational but can help you reach your goals while constantly challenging your personal performance. Plus thanks to brands like Jawbone, Fitbit, Apple, Misfit and Garmin, fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors, and GPS tracking devices are becoming more fashionable and affordable! 

T R Y  T A B A T A . . . 

If you’re more motivated in group exercise, try TABATA, a cross between cross-fit and circuit-training. Expect to feel the burn at this high intensity interval workout programme, which uses all your muscles in a short space of time. It’s no wonder a lot of gyms offer this at lunchtimes as the classes only take thirty minutes to work out your entire body! Look out for these at your local pool too, and get a sweat on in the water...

R E A D Y . S E T . S U R F .

We’ve had hot yoga, pod yoga and aerial yoga, now it seems you can do it in a fitness studio, on a moveable surfboard. The LA inspired yoga-surf mash up consists of gentle martial-arts moves, yoga stretches and Pilates and is suitable for beginners. The more experienced you get the higher the incline! Visit to see if there are any classes near you.

B O X  I T  O U T . . . 

Get your heart rate up at home with the boxing app from The Boxx Method. With five shadow-boxing rounds and high-intensity intervals, the session finishes in a 'knockout round'. You can choose a monthly or annual subscription from the online library, and each session burns approximately 600 calories, improves strength, speed and co-ordination, and continues to burn calories for 12 hours after you've finished. And you get great arms too!

With 4 new ways to exercise it's time to build a comfortable and easy to wear workout wardrobe, shop our basics for inspiration here.

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Photographs from Pinterest, guest post by Sara Darling.

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Posted on 08th February 2017 by Hush