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6 Steps to Your Ultimate Spring Look

Want to get the beauty editor’s favourite fresh-faced look? We spoke to beauty expert Alessandra Steinherr, Glamour magazines Beauty Director, about her obsession with products and how to get the fresh-faced look for spring...

S T E P  1  :  B A S E 

“I do understand that some people want to cover their skin (if you have rosacea or acne scars, for instance), but use a foundation that isn’t too heavy. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a real secret for skin that needs coverage, but still looks natural. Otherwise, I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser. I love Heliocare because it’s SPF50 and it has a tint, which gives you that glow.”

S T E P  2  :  C O N C E A L E R 

“Concealer is every woman’s best friend; the secret is finding a good one. Amazing Cosmetics’ Amazing Concealer Hydrate actually is truly amazing! Most concealers, because they have to conceal, are thick; so they do cover, but they also highlight lines. This one hydrates instead.”

S T E P  3  :  B R O W S

“I always say that the natural shape of your brows is there for a reason. There’s a real trend for big brows right now, but if you don’t have them, don’t worry and don’t fill them in. Just use a gel like Talika Eyebrow Lipocils through them.”

S T E P  4  :  M A S C A R A 

“Black mascara for everyone. I love YSL False Lash Effect Mascara.”

S T E P  5  :  L I P S 

“Lipstick is so high maintenance. I like it for a night out, but for every day choose a lipstick which is the colour of your lips. To me, the test of a great lipstick is if you can put it on without a mirror. I love Rouge Coco Hydrating Shine in Boy by Chanel.”

S T E P  6  :  B L U S H 

“Blush is the one product which can make anyone look fresher. Go for something with a sheen – not a glitter, like Mac Mineralize Blush in Dainty or Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush in Papa Don’t Preach (I know the packaging looks a bit young, but the formulation of the blusher is nice and clear, so great on the skin).”

Follow these 6 steps to create a fresh-faced look, inspired by our new spring pre-collection!

Alex is Glamour's Beauty Director, for more tips and tricks visit her new website here!

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Posted on 16th January 2017 by Hush