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Agnes Martin

A woman after our own hush hearts, ‘quiet’ painter Agnes Martin was an amazing woman who created mesmerising grid and striped canvas paintings – currently on display at the Tate Modern, London…

An intense desire for solitude, and a sense that beauty was in the mind, compelled her to sidestep the mainstream and in 1967, just as her career in the male-dominated field of abstract art was taking off, Martin abandoned her home in New York city – and the art world – altogether. Setting off instead in search of solitude and silence.

For almost two years she travelled across the US and Canada before finally settling on an isolated mesa in New Mexico, where she resumed painting. Her mesmerising grid canvases were transformed into spacious bands of bright colour and elegant colour washes, influenced by the landscapes of her surroundings. She continued to make these extraordinary, visionary paintings, for over three decades until her death in 2004 - downsizing from 6’ square to 5’ square canvases only when she could no longer lift the larger paintings herself.

With titles such as “I Love the Whole World” (2000) and “Happy Holiday” (1999), the longer you gaze at her paintings, the more tones – silvery blues, sunrise pinks – swim out of their depths. They’re absolutely beautiful and exude something of a quiet confidence: exactly the hush remit.

Agnes Martin is at the Tate Modern, London SE1 until 11th October.​


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Tags: art & design
Posted on 13th August 2015 by Hush