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Best Cool-Down Stretches

We've all been guilty of forgetting to do a full set of cool-down stretches after a run, so no matter how far you go, here's five easy to remember moves to relax your muscles, avoid injury and improve flexibility! 

For each stretch relax your shoulders, draw your belly button toward your spin and hold for 30 seconds before repeating on the opposite side...

Hamstring Stretch - Stretch your hips and hamstrings by sitting on the floor, straightening your left leg and pressing the sole of your right foot against your left inner thigh. Reach for your extended foot with one hand, hold, then repeat on the other side. 

Glutes StretchTake care of your behind by lying flat on your back, bringing one knee up to your chest and crossing your right leg over your bent left thigh. Grab the back of your left thigh with both hands and pull towards your chest to stretch. Switch legs and repeat. 

Calf StretchSimple, yet effective, while standing up step your right leg forward, keeping it bent slighty and lean forwards. Keep your left heel on the ground and leg straight, hold, then repeat with the oppsite leg. 

​Quads Stretch - Often overlooked, stretch out the front of your thigh by grabbing the top of your left foot and gently pulling your heel towards your behind while standing. Make sure you keep your knees touching, then repeat with your right foot. 

Inner thigh Stretch - Ideal for lengthening your torso and stretching your lower back, while sitting straight on the floor bend both knees and bring your feet together. Hold the soles of your feet together while you gently lower your knees to the floor. 

Once you've cooled down, put on your favourite loungewear, boil the kettle (or sip on a post-run smoothie) and feel nice and smug that you've successfully worked out! 

S/S Sloppy Joe, Vintage PJ Trousers

Photographs from Pinterest.

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Posted on 22nd April 2016 by Hush