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Best Instagram’s for Architectural Inspiration

The design team at hush take inspiration from all sorts of places - including architecture! Here are our top 5 go-to instagram accounts...

1. @architecturetourist

Based in Chicago, Katja has a great eye for detail. We love following her around the globe - recent trips include New York, Milan, Switzerland and  Copenhagen. 

2. @irini_ioto

Based in Greece, architect Giotopoulou posts inspiring images in soothing shades of blue, white and grey. 

3. @mattcrump

The creator of #candyminimalism, Matt Crump's Instagram feed is a sundrenched architecture lover's paradise.

4. @nicanorgarcia

Nicanor Garcia is a photographer based in Barcelona - be prepared for some serious wanderlust...

5. @wejude

Bold lines and insteresting angles? Check. Stunning monochrome palette? Check. This might just be our favourite account on the list...

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Tags: art & designarchitectureinstagram
Posted on 04th February 2016 by Hush