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Captain Fantastic

We recently settled down on the courtyard cobblestones of Somerset House to watch a preview screening of Matt Ross's family focused tale, Captain Fantastic. Where a great soundtrack, stunning cinematography and an eclectic collection of characters come together to create a truly captivating watch. 

Despite its comic book sounding title, it's an uplifting film about a father (hush favourite) Viggo Mortensen, devoted to giving his six kids a rigorous emotional and physical education off-the-grid, deep in the forests of America's Pacific Northwest. Raising them with extreme levels of knowledge and survival instinct, to become, in his hope, extraordinary adults. 

Then tragedy hits, and the clan are forced to leave their paradise in the wilderness and re-enter civilisation, confronted by many aspects of the outside world for the first time and challenged by modern society every step along the way. 

Beautiful and stirring, it's a huge hearted film that will have you laughing and crying all at the same time. 

In cinemas 9th September, view the trailer below:

Tags: films
Posted on 09th September 2016 by Hush