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The first thing you notice when you pick up Freya is how beautifully written it is. Anthony Quinn has a prose style that instantly seduces you into his latest novel, the follow-up to Curtain Call, which takes us from post-war austerity into the Swinging Sixties.

I confess I haven’t read the earlier book (in which she appears as a young girl), so my first encounter with the eponymous and deeply likeable heroine is in 1945 as Freya is discharged from the Wrens and belatedly takes up her war-delayed place at Oxford University.

And we follow her over the next two decades through her up-and-down friendship with Nancy Holdaway, her shattering affair with Robert Cosway and her experiences navigating the chauvimism of post-War Britain. A genuinely captivating novel that had me in bed early every night for a week and now makes me want to seek out more by the same author.

Tags: books
Posted on 01st March 2016 by Hush