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Hide & Seek London

Bored with the mass produced interior homeware available on the high street, Helen Stiles decided it was time to design her own (and we are very glad she did!)..


Helen told us the philosophy behind Hide & Seek London;

'Homes are for living in and should be where you relax and unwind – stylish doesn’t have to mean perfect!

Buy things that are beautiful, natural, unique or handmade – you will enjoy and cherish them far more than mass-produced ‘quick fix’ purchases.  

And in life perseverance is more important than perfection (learnt through experience!)'


Hide & Seek London captures Helen's love of relaxed, natural and handmade yet electic interiors, a little bit of laid-back luxury - and we are a little bit in love!


Take a look at Hide & Seek London.

Tags: new discovery2016interiors
Posted on 07th January 2016 by Hush