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How do you fika?

Sweden has the coffee break down to a fine art. Fika (fee-ka) is all about taking a step back to embrace life and enjoy the company of family, friends and colleagues. You can do it anywhere - at home, in a café, at work - the essential thing is that you make time to take a break and enjoy the moment. For Swedes, it's a part of everyday life and most Swedish offices will pause for fika twice a day.
So, with this in mind, take some time out and upgrade your next cofee with these two traditional recipes.

Cinnamon Wreath with Rye, by Bronte Aurell

"I sometimes make this when I need a centerpiece for a big fika session or birthday party. Essentially, a big cinnamon bun with a bit of extra oomph."

Create your own Cinnamon Wreath with the full recipe here.

Dream Cake with Barley, by Simon Bajada

"Over fifty years ago a lady living in Jutland, Denmark, invented the original recipe for this cake. Her granddaughter named it drømmekage, which means ‘dream cake’, and entered it into a baking competition. The cake won and somehow the news spread like wildfire. It’s now one of the most consumed cakes in Denmark."

See the full recipe for the ever-so-tasty Dream Cake here.

We've compiled a list with some of the best places to fika in the UK...

1) Scandi Kitchen, London W1
Boasting traditional ingredients and a cake menu to make you want to fika in an instant, Scandi Kitchen is a haven for those who enjoy the tastes of Scandinavia and it's easy to see why it's so popular!

2) Marmalade, Brighton BN2
A small but beautiful cafe in depth of Kemp Town in Brighton. Perfect for a group of friends or colleagues (just make sure you don't end up working otherwise it is not fika!).

3) Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh EH3
This gorgeous cafe in Edinburgh only sells cakes - and what's not to love about that! You can also order online to bring fika to you.

4) Nordic Bakery, London W1
Whether you have hours or just a 15 minutes break, you can definitely treat yourself to something here. From small treats to open sandwiches, they have something for everyone - made with genuine Nordic ingredients and recipes.

Finally, our competition winner Lise Hooper recommended the Cafe Lucca, Somerset as the best place to spend an afternoon fika-ing!

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Posted on 06th November 2015 by Hush