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How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board

Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy an indulgent cheese board, especially when paired with a bottle (or two) of great wine and friends! 

We asked our friends at La Fromagerie to share their secrets for the ultimate cheese board assemble with us...

"Begin with a fresh goat cheese, such as a Selles sur Cher, as it refreshes and cleanses the palate.

We could not leave out our signature cheese, which inspired La Fromagerie, the Beaufort Chalet d’Alpage, a high mountain cheese from Savoie made with the summer milk from cattle grazing on the alpine pastures; a creamy, pale gold colour with lovely almost hazelnut sweetness, it is rich, fragrant and elegant.

For something truly decadent the Truffled Brie, filled with a rich confection of Mascarpone and Crème Fraiche with fresh grated black truffle. We continue the journey with a classic seasonal cheese, the Vacherin du Haut-Doubs; wrapped in a pine bark collar it is meltingly rich with an earthy sappy aroma.

Then to something buttery with a little earthy richness, Soumaintrain from Burgundy, has a wonderful melting quality with the rind washed in a brine laced with Marc de Bourgogne.

Finally the blue, which should always be tasted at the end as its big mineral bite can overpower other flavours. A wonderful ripe Colston Bassett Stilton, where the blue is marbled through imbues a myriad of taste profiles from sharp to sweet to nutty to buttery.

Keep the accompaniments simple – walnuts, almonds, dates & apples. Biscuits such as oat, rye or charcoal are perfect, or if you prefer bread then walnut or raisin bread works well, or a simple crusty baguette.

...just add wine & friends!"

The full range of gift boxes are available on their website:

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Posted on 19th December 2016 by Hush