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Alyson Walsh

How are you best known?

For my blog and new book Style Forever - and for championing fabulous, inspirational women of every age. As a journalist, I write for the Guardian and the FT so I'd like to think I'm known for that too!

How do you relax/switch off? 

Er, can't remember. I definitely need to step away from the computer a bit more often. And I do enjoy Pilates, riding my bike and going for a walk with Mr That's Not My Age.

Favourite book?

Ooh tricky one. I need to read more too! I'll go for all-time favourite The Great Gatsby.

Favourite blog/website?

I am currently enjoying The Pool, the new website edited by Sam Baker (ex-Red magazine editor).

What's your guilty pleasure?

Watching Gogglebox. I love it.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Sound & Color. The latest Alabama Shakes album, we've just booked tickets to see them at Brixton Academy later this year.

Who are your favourite 'style forever' inspirations?

I interviewed quite a few of them for my book Style Forever. Beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin who is wonderful and wise and incredibly stylish. I met recently in London and she was so friendly and charming. Iris Apfel another inspirational woman, 93-years-old and still as sharp as a decorative hat pin, I can't wait to see the new Albert Maysles documentary about her. And I do like the way Vogue's Lucinda Chambers mixes things up.

What are your top 3 summer wardrobe essentials?

A lightweight denim/chambray shirt, hush harem trousers, Birkenstock Arizona’s!


Alyson is a fashion journalist, find her blog at

Tags: women we lovestyle
Posted on 07th June 2015 by Hush