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Insider’s Guides to Gothenburg

In honour of our amazing competition this month, we thought we'd ask some hush friends (and Gothenburg locals!) for their best spots... From a PR maven and a Gothenburg-grown member of the hush team to a graphic designer and an indie-music duo, these girls know what they're talking about!

Sofie Mantzaris - Press & PR Officer for Gothenburg Tourism (follow Sofie on Twitter for more Gothenburg tips)

How would you describe Gothenburg to someone who has never been? It´s a small, cosy city with a great vibe and close to beautiful nature. It has a great restaurant and bar scene and is a real foodie destination with something for all budgets.

What is your favourite place…

For a date night: Very romantic restaurant Atelier in the boutique Hotel Pigalle. Great food and lovely rooms if you wish to make the date longer!

For breakfast: Definitely the brunch at Hotel Post served at the Norda Bar & Grill. A real treat and also named the best hotel breakfast/brunch in the world!

For dinner with friends: Barabicu for the lively atmosphere and delicious food.

A work meeting: I would probably do the meeting over a coffee in cafeteria of Gothia Towers. There are several restaurants in the building and an international and professional feeling.

For a girls night: I would start with dinner at Barabicu and then hit the bars at Tredjelånggatan, the new hip street where all locals hang out. I would go for a cocktail at either Tacos &Tequila or Made in China, both on Tredjelånggatan. If we are staying out all night I would later continue to the club Yakida with great music and several dance flores. 

Best place for fika? Da Matteo at Magasinsgatan. Voted Best Café in Sweden 2015 by the Swedish White Guide – no more words needed.

Best tourist spot? Liseberg amusement park! Especially their enormous Christmas market (the largest in Sweden) is perfect to visit with family, friends or even for a date night. 

Clockwise from top left: Atelier restaurant, photo by @sofiemantzaris; @barabicu; @damatteo; @gothiatowers


Emma Andersson - one of the Style Experts in our Customer Service team at hush

How would you describe Gothenburg to someone who has never been?
Gothenburg may have been voted Sweden’s summer city multiple times, but there are things to do there all year round and most within walking distance! 

What is your favourite place…

For a date night: Moon Thai Kitchen; Thai food in a romantic atmosphere works great if you want to escape a rainy city and imagine being in a warmer climate. Barabicu is also a nice place for food and cocktails.

For breakfast: Pretty much any coffee shop serves brunch or ‘traditional Swedish breakfast’ which can includes porridge, eggs, sandwiches etc.

For dinner with friends: Ölrepubliken; A restaurant with big variety of beers. Depending on what food you order, they suggest a certain kinds of beers suitable with the different dishes. Or Heaven23, a restaurant on the top of Gothia Towers, is a good place to get a good view over the city (but be warned, it’s a common hangout for Swedish celebrities!).

For a work meeting: Condeco by NK department store is a nice café with a good environment for a relaxed work meeting.

For a girls night: Doktor Glas; a nice wine bar in a district of Gothenburg called Linne. Not far away from the main clubbing area Avenyn, but can be a bit less busy. If you and the girls want to go to a place which has live music but is also a club then Pustervik is a good place to go to. Andra Långatan is a street that is just five minutes walk from Pustervik and also has a good range of bars.

Best place for fika? 
Café Husaren is famous for their giant cinnamon buns and it is definitely worth a visit.

Best tourist spot? 
Liseberg is fun park in the summer where they also have live gigs on the main stage. During the winter, this park transforms to a Winter Wonderland with loads of fairy lights and a Christmas market.  Gothia Towers is also a good tourist spot; you can see pretty much the whole of Gothenburg from the top (and, if you want to go for a pampering day, The Upper House which is part of Gothia Towers is a great place to go for a spa treatment; you can swim in the swimming pool whilst having a spectacular view over the city!).

Clockwise from top left: Moon Thai Kitchen; @heaven23swe; @lisebergab; @cafehusaren


Soraya - graphic/interaction designer and photographer based in Gothenburg

How would you describe Gothenburg to someone who has never been?
A small big town with a lot of warmth, love and creativity.

What is your favourite place…

For a date night: I would go to Hagabion to watch a movie and then dinner there afterwards. They have great vegetarian/vegan food. If you would like a similar date close to Avenyn I would go to Bio Roy and the French restaurant Bon afterwards.

For breakfast: Meat Free Sunday brunch at Röda sten konsthall

For dinner with friends: I really like Le village, it is cosy with a relaxed atmosphere and the food is good. There is also a great vegan place called Old corner in Gamlestan. I would also meet up before dinner and go to the second hand store Stadsmissionen close by and the oriental food stores around there.

A work meeting: My two most recent work meetings have been on Kafé Magasinet, so right now that would be my answer. Otherwise Sjömanskyrkan in Majorna, or the city library.

For a girls night: It is so cliché, but we usually go to the places around the neighbourhoods, Långgatorna, Linnégatan, and Järntorget. Then of course Gothenburg is famous for its underground clubs, but I haven´t been in years so… But I would definitely look it up if I were a tourist.

Best place for fika?
Dirty records or Bar Centro

Best tourist spot?
Depends on what time of the year it is, but I would say the south archipelago. It is magic!

Clockwise from top left: Hagabion; @rodastenrestaurang; the south archipalego; @kafemagasinet


Tuva and Nelly - from Swedish indie rock duo Pale Honey

How would you describe Gothenburg to someone who has never been?
The city-centre is actually not that big so there’s kind of no way of getting lost over here, and if you do it’s easy enough to enter the closest bar and find peeps to hang with. A big part of Gothenburg is our lovely trams, they’re a bit untrusty when it comes to timing but they make up half the Gothenburg-feeling so they’re a must to love here anyway. We’ve got wonderful a wonderful harbour in the size ‘bearable’ but the heart of our city is probably the open parks, bar streets and the wonderfully windy archipelago.

What is your favourite place…

For a date night: We’re both into beer and drinks so a pub crawl with a quick stop at some strange-looking restaurant for food would be ideal. We prefer Andra Långgatan and the upcoming Tredje Långgatan in central Gothenburg (Second and Third Longstreet) which is filled with pubs and small restaurants or Pustervik that is nearby.

For breakfast: Café Vanilj has a cozy breakfast buffé everyday, not very expensive either.

For dinner with friends: Barley’s Food Factory in the heart of Hisingen (Kvilletorget). It’s quite a new place and is super cozy with delicious burgers. You even get a bowl of popcorn when you order your first beer, and they have a lot of tasty beers on tap!

A work meeting: A cafe or a hotel-lobby that’s not too busy so that you feel like you have all the time in the world together when talking about important things and coming up with plans, with enough room for notebooks and tired elbows. We’ve usually ended up at Clarion Hotel Post since it’s just by the central station in Gothenburg and easy to access for everyone.

For a girls night: Rehearsal room playing music or sitting on the dirty rug drinking wine talking about ideas and whatever that has come up since the last time we met. Dancing like a maniac at Yaki-Da is great as well, or having a beer at Henriksberg for the amazing view of the harbour all year around. They also serve amazing halloumi-burgers and non-alcoholic drinks.

Best place for fika?
Best place for awesome fika is at our own places, nothing competes against Nelly's cinnamon buns and Tuvas strong coffee. We’re not open for business just yet though so good luck finding anything better in Gothenburg meanwhile!

Best tourist spot?
You can’t come to Gothenburg without visiting Feskekôrka and Haga, but the best spot would probably to take a walk across the Göta Älvbron, the bridge that connects our home part Hisingen (don’t ask us if it’s an island or not though, it’s an endless debates amongst ourselves) to the mainland. If you’re nearby and brought warm clothes, you should find yourself a nice cup of coffee and get over here for the sunrise or sunset and try to muster the very essence of this city we call home.

Another thing you should visit is Ramberget located on Hisingen. You get to walk on small paths, through woods and parks to get to the top and once you’re there you have a fantastic view over the whole city.
Clockwise from top left: @pustervik; @barleysfoodfactory; @inglund_photography; @henriksbergpub

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Posted on 27th November 2015 by Hush