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Make a wish!

With our sale in full swing, there has never been a better time to save your favourite hush items in a wishlist!

Incase you're unsure of how to create and share your hush wishlist we've put together a small guide.

Let the wishing commence...

Step by step guide to creating your wishlist... 

Step 1 

To enter, log in or create an account here.

Step 2

Browse through the hush website to find items you love and click 'Add to wishlist' on the product pages.

Step 3 

When you're happy with your list, click 'Account' in the top right hand corner of the page and choose 'Wishlists' from the options on the left hand side.

To share your wishlist, click 'Share with a friend' (make sure your profile is *public or the 'share' option won't appear!) by using the button in the right hand corner.

*To make your wishlist public, go to your 'Edit wishlist button' and make sure on the drop down menu selected as public! 

Step 4 

Share your wishlist with family and friends!

Step 5

Hooray! You've created your list, you've given the hints and maybe even bought yourself a little something along the way...

Start compiling your wishlist here!

Tags: wishlistgifts#myhush
Posted on 14th November 2016 by Hush