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Miss You Already Premiere

If you’ve been following hush this season, you’ve probably noticed a lot of conversation about the film Miss You Already. This is partially because we love sharing good films when we see them, but it’s also an extension of our support for Breast Cancer Now.

The cast were in London last night, where they walked a pink carpet in support of the charity at the European premiere.  We were fortunate enough to attend, and were treated to an audience with the cast and team – that we wanted to share with you on our blog.

The film stars Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette and charts the lives of two best friends, one of whom is hit with the life-changing news that she has breast cancer. Although a heartbreaking subject to work with, the film is warm, funny and really a celebration of the strength of women’s friendships.

Screenwriter Morwenna Banks, who was inspired to write the film after losing a number of close friends to breast cancer, said: “I wanted to write a fictional story about a life-long friendship and examine what happens when one of them gets breast cancer. It's a story about normal people who still have to go to work, and take the kids to school, and keep life going. But I wanted it to be important and to make a difference, which is where Breast Cancer Now comes in…" She told us about working with the charity to make sure the film’s depiction was as real as possible, in the hope that it would raise awareness and much needed donations.

Drew Barrymore told audience that she feels ‘lucky’ that one day she’ll be able to show the film to her two daughters, Frankie and Olive. "I have two daughters and I made this film for them,” she said. “I got to work with amazing women, to make a movie about women, and I got to act as someone who is the definition of what respect means to me. We got to tell this story which is this messy, beautiful, amazing, honest, dark, truthful, incredible, cool story."

Speaking to press about the film earlier this week, Drew Barrymore could not have said it better: “That relationship of a life-long girlfriend is one of the most important you can have. It’s not that your husband or children mean any less – it’s just that that unique relationship is so special.”

So, go and watch the film if you can, and call a friend to tell them you love them!

Miss You Already is in cinemas from September 25th.

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Posted on 18th September 2015 by Hush