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Morwenna Banks

Actress, writer, producer, comedian and of course voice of Mummy Pig. There must be something you’re really bad at. What is it?

Everything else. Especially cooking.

Your new film Miss You Already is really a story about friendship. Is there one quality your friends all share?

They are all taller than me. Actually - I think a couple may be roughly the same height. I can’t sum it up in one word – they are all kind, clever, emotionally intelligent, loving and completely wonderful.

They say age brings wisdom. What piece of wisdom would you pass onto your younger self? And what would she have said in response?

Old me – Stop being so anxious. 

Young me – Stop telling me to stop being so anxious. It’s making me anxious. 

As we mentioned, you were the voice of Mummy Pig (and Queen Marigold). But which animated character do you most identify with?

Oh I have done lots of animations – and though ‘Mummy Pig’ and ‘Queen Marigold’ are very special –  I probably feel more like Pie Face from ‘Denis and Gnasher’.

Fantasy Dinner Party. You get to choose six guests – dead or alive – to spend the evening with. Who does the washing up?

I’m no good at Dinner Parties fantasy or otherwise. I’d be happier washing up.

Laughter or paracetamol. Which is the best medicine?

Both at the same time.

Favourite book?

Ooh tough one. Usually whatever I’ve just read. Which this week is ‘GIRL IN A BAND’ by KIM GORDON of Sonic Youth.  She Rocks. Literally.

Film you’d like to see a sequel of?

‘Withnail and I’ except I wouldn’t really want there to be a sequel. So maybe I’ll just watch it again. 

Song that always gets you dancing?

I’m a rubbish dancer. But ‘Friday I’m In Love’ by The Cure always gets the limbs flailing.

Best holiday destination?

I can’t say – I wouldn’t want anyone else to go there. But Cornwall is one of the places I feel happiest. It’s where I’m from so in many ways it’s home – always feels exciting crossing the Tamar bridge. 

Next Adventure?

My next film. I’m fastening my seatbelt for the ride…

Miss You Already is in available on DVD now!

Tags: women we love
Posted on 05th October 2015 by Hush