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MUBI: Watch & Discover

Looking for a way to binge watch as many films as you possibly can this weekend?

Well we recently stumbled across MUBI; a curated online cinema where you can subscribe to download and watch endless high quality movies. Essentially your own little cinema, anytime, anywhere.

Every day the MUBI film experts introduce a new film, and you then have a whole month to watch it. From old Hollywood classics to cult cinema and indie favourites, MUBI's film library database is full to bursting with great (and we mean great) films, it's "a passport to the world of cinema". 

So if you've missed the latest Cannes Film Festival offerings or are simply after the chance to watch some "rare cinematic treats", which your local cinema will definitely not deliver, MUBI is the place. 

They even have a film notebook, updated daily, where you can discover, share and discuss cinema culture with fellow movie fans. 

Plenty of films we've reviewed on our blog feature on the list so move aside Netflix... 

Take a look at MUBI

Tags: new discoveryfilm
Posted on 27th May 2016 by Hush