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My Sunshine Away

Beautifully written and incredibly addictive, I recently read this novel on a flight to Florida. It's a real page-turner and by the time we'd landed I'd managed to finish it! 

Set in a suburban Baton Rouge neighbourhood, a man looks back at his childhood in South Louisiana and in particular the sweltering summer of 1989 when "everything changed" after the brutal rape of his 15-year-old neighbour Lindy Simpson on her way home from track practice.  

From the night the horrible crime took place to the events that followed, this heart-wrenching tale explores the loss of innocence, the power of memory and the growning pains of adolescence. Each page filled with a mix of authentic characters, brisk narrative and an abundance of suspense. 

It's safe to say M.O. Walsh had me gripped from start to finish, so I'd recommend taking My Sunshine Away on holiday with you, as you'll want to read it from cover to cover.

Tags: books
Posted on 09th May 2016 by Hush