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Our Top Easter Escapes…

Whether you prefer bustling city breaks or the tranquil countryside, we're sure to have you covered with these must-visits this Easter (including your wardrobe!)....

Camping Under The Stars..

We suggest; Devon

Located on a small family farm, Spekes Safari Tent makes for a gorgeous stay, getting back to nature but with a modern twist. 

With the likes of The Eden Project nearby and an on-site treehouse fort on the farm, children and adults alike won't have time to get restless!

Images by Canopy + Stars

Escape To The City..

We suggest; Lisbon

If you're after a sunny city break, Lisbon is one of our top choices. Whether you prefer relaxing on a sandy beach or pounding the cobbles after a historic fix, Lisbon has plenty of both!

With a plethora of Airbnb's to choose from, you can enjoy the city from as near or far from the centre as you like, we LOVE this one for it's city view and modern interiors (pictured above!)…

A Countryside Retreat..

We suggest; Shropshire

Described as one of England's hidden gems, you can enjoy the spacious and tranquil countryside of Shropshire in style when you choose to stay in a gorgeous cottage, like Little Cwm Colebatch.

Don't forget to visit Bishop's Castle whilst exploring the vast expanse of valleys with plenty of pitstops along the way!

(We really lthink it looks like the cottage Cameron Diaz stays in in The Holiday!)

Images by Sheepskin

A European Affair

We suggest; Italy

Escape to a gorgeously styled family villa like Casa Collina, located specifically in the region of Umbria, boasting a private pool and fantastic views of the Italian countryside. Famous for it's truffles and wine, enjoy a break of pure indulgence!

Images by Scott Williams

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Posted on 17th March 2016 by Hush