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Packing for a Seaside Adventure

Erica Davies has over 15 years experience as a Fashion Editor on national newspapers and magazines. She now runs the brilliant blog The Edited, which covers fashion, beauty, interiors, and children's style, alongside working as a brand consultant and fashion journalist.

With two young children, she's no stranger to the great British break. We asked the editor-turned-blogger for a peak into her very stylish suitcase...

What do you always pack for a UK break? 
A mix of warm weather pieces and rain weatherproofs!

Any genius packing tips? 
I swear by a limited colour palette. Mix, match, clash - it doesn’t matter as all the tones will work.

Swimsuit or bikini? 
Swimsuit. And kaftan. Two kids later. Need I say more?

Favourite UK holiday destination? 
We’ve got such a soft spot for Mousehole in Cornwall.

What would you never travel without?
Sunglasses (I am obsessed), sun cream, a good book or three.

What will you be reading on holiday?
A mix of house magazines (we’re decorating our new home) and a couple of books I’ve been meaning to read for months.

Your holiday beauty essentials? 
Red lipstick, hair serum and a great moisturiser.

Make sure to check out Erica's blog The Edited and her Instagram @erica_davies for more packing inspiration, and shop the full packing edit here

Tags: stylefashionpackingtips
Posted on 17th June 2016 by Hush