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Paper Lei Garlands

Rosy Nicholas is an expert at drawing, painting, printing, designing and gluing stuff together. Her new book Dress You Up (named after Madonna's classic hit) is filled with easy, artsy accessory ideas for every occasion (think pompom shoes, tissue paper crowns and straw stack bangles!) 

A great summer holiday distraction, Rosy recently joined us at Port Eliot Festival, teaching festival goers how to make these gorgeous tactile paper garlands... 

"In Hawaii, Leis were traditionally given to mark an arrival or departure but they are essentially a symbol of love and celebration.

You can make them for any occasion, but they are especially nice given as a gift. Leis are so easy to make, if a little time consuming, but most good things take a bit of time, and I think these are totally worth it!"

You will need:
3 different coloured rolls of crêpe paper (usually 50 x 250cm [20 x 583/8in])
2 bulldog clips
Small coin, 2.5cm [1in] in diameter
Needle and thread

Top Tip: Experiment with the size of your petals, the length of your lei and the colours you use - see Rosy modelling her lei creation above! 

Visit Rosy's website for all things craft and check out her new book 'Dress You Up' available now, photography by Adam Laycock. 

Tags: diy projectscraftdesigndiylei
Posted on 10th August 2016 by Hush