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Sam Baker

Editor of some of the UK’s best selling magazines, author and founder of our favourite online site The Pool (, do you ever worry you will run out of things to write about?

Not really. You just get up, and go on the internet. You’ll find something to write about, trust me!

What is your top tip to unwind?

I have no clue. My brain is permanently set to spin cycle. It’s not something I’m massively proud of. If you know someone with good tips for unwinding send them my way. I do walk as much as I can (I'm addicted to my Fitbit) but I can’t say it’s a failsafe technique.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Weirdly, the best advice I was ever given was bad advice. A careers teacher at my school told me ‘girls like me’ (by which I assume he meant a bit clever, a lot working class) shouldn't get ridiculous ideas about being a journalist. That moment of being told I couldn’t drove me for years afterwards.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?

That careers teacher? Ignore him!

We think female friendships are something that should be treasured and celebrated. What quality do all your friends share?

An ability to pick up after long periods of silence as if we last saw each other yesterday. No-one has time to see each other every few weeks like we used to in our twenties, so the capacity to sit down, pour a drink and pick up precisely where you left off is the ultimate.

Fantasy Girls’ Night Out. You get to choose six women – dead or alive – to spend the evening with. Who? And where do you go?

Ooooh. My immediate reaction was to go nuts: Nora Ephron, JK Rowling, Patti Smith, Joan Didion, Nigella Lawson, Tina Fey... And then I thought, hang on a minute, that's going to be smart women overload, I'll just sit there too terrified to speak, and I got cold feet. But the truth is, I have rarely met a woman I admired who didn't turn out to be just as nice and interesting and occasionally self-doubting as the next person, so I'm going to be brave and go for that. I don't care where we go - anywhere not too poncey or pricey, with food, wine and comfy seats will do nicely.

Book you wish you’d written?

Right now, the follow up to The Woman Who Ran!

Film you’d like to see a sequel of?

I’m not sure I can think of a film (that isn’t a series) that has benefited from a sequel.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Bowie. Like the rest of the country. But before that I discovered Daughter via Lauren’s new music to 'Look Out For in 2016 Playlist' on The Pool. 

Best holiday destination?

Paris. We’re lucky enough to share the rent on a flat (more like a cupboard) there with a friend. I can’t get there often enough.

Sunrise or sunset?

Both, in theory. Although as I have to get up at 6am most days I’m losing the love for sunrise.

Spring or autumn?

Autumn. I love the leaves and the nights drawing in.

Over or underdressed?

*picks self up off the floor laughing* woefully woefully under dressed on every single occasion

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Answering the previous question

What word do you overuse?

Sorry. Just. All those "girl" words that are meant to hold you back at work.

Guilty pleasure?


What is the one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I lost the obstacle race at junior school because I stopped to try on all the hats. I always did have problematic hair.

Sam’s new novel, 'The Woman Who Ran' is out now!

Tags: women we love
Posted on 22nd January 2016 by Hush