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Series Coming Back This Month

We've been waiting with bated breath for the new instalments of some of our favourite series and it just so happens that a staggering FIVE are all airing this month alone. 

It's as if Lords of the TV world don't want us to go and enjoy the great be fair it doesn't take much persuasion for us to snuggle on the sofa and settle down to Autumn drama! Kettles on, may the season commence!

The Returned

They've kept us waiting for two years, but the French TV series is back for another instalment of the supernatural. In a small mountain town, lost loved ones have come back, unaware that they have died and are ready to resume their lives, much to the shock and confusion of their families.


An unplanned pregnancy brings a more permanent fixture to an Irish woman and an America tourist's lives than was originally planned. Set in London, this is hilariously awkward at times, the series sees the pair trying to make the best out of a much undesired situation.


Based on a film with the same name, written by the Coen Brothers, this Emmy Award Winning black comedy crime drama is set in small town in Minnesota where a visitor tears through the town causing violence and destruction. It is left to the Deputy and her team to solve the series of murders. The next series follows the same structure but within a different era, with a different storyline and new characters.

The Bridge

Swedish police detective Saga Norén and her Danish counterpart Martin Rohde have to join forces when a woman is found dead on a bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. With two polar opposite personalities, the two detectives have to work through their differences in order to solve the crime which turns out to unravel into a bigger crime than first thought.

The Affair

An award-winning series showing the physical and psychological effects of an affair between Noah, a schoolteacher and father of 4 and a waitress, Alison who is struggling to piece her life back together following the loss of her child. The story is told from both their perspectives, showing the difference in their memories and how their affair affects each of their lives, separately and together.

We are loving 'River' which has just started on BBC, has anyone else been watching? If not, definitely check it out.

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Posted on 14th October 2015 by Hush