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We read recently that we were in an era of 'peak TV' - a time when so many great shows are being made for the small screen that no-one has time to watch them all. 

So you would be excused for missing Channel 4's Friday night gem - Spin (or Homme de L'Ombre as it was known in the original French when it was first broadcast three years ago).

It is (as the title suggests) a political thriller, focusing on the aftermath of the assassination of the French president during an apparent terrorist attack and the rivalries (professional and personal) that are inleashed ahead of the ensuing election. The PR consultant Simon Kapita plots to prevent the election to the Elysée Palace of a former enemy of both the spin doctor and the slain politician.

Definitely one for catch-up if you can tear yourself away from The Night Manager and Happy Valley and Deutschland 83 and the final series of The Good Wife etc. etc. 

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Tags: box setstelevisionpoliticaldramachannel 4
Posted on 05th April 2016 by Hush