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5 Steps for Party-Ready Skin

From the all important 'prep' to those last-minute (half-way-out-the-door) finishing touches, we asked our friends at REN skincare for their tried-and-tested guide to looking flawless this party season...

"Here’s the REN way to get that glow and boost your make-up in five simple steps. The best thing? The whole routine delivers instant, visible results, and takes less than 10 minutes."

S T E P  1  :  P R E P ,  B R I G H T E N  &  C O L O U R  C O R R E C T 

You need a clean, prepped base before you do anything else. Our No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm deeply cleanses to melt away any dirt on the skin and contains lecithin that conditions your brows and eyelashes. Mix it with a pump of Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial for a one-step reveal of your natural, even skin tone (particularly effective in banishing urban grey if you’re a city dweller).

S T E P  2  :  Y O U R  Q U I C K  S K I N  T U R N A R O U N D 

If you’ve just left the gym or need a quick fix from stressed skin and redness, apply the Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask to restore calm. Perfect for banishing flaky patches, this will leave your complexion looking creamy and delicious. Not only that, it instantly smooths and it’s formulated to switch-off stress signals using Grifolin, leaving you with a soft-to-the-touch, velvety texture that buffers against make-up irritation.

S T E P  3  :  R E V I V E  T H O S E  E Y E S 

Freshen up your eye area by applying Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel; a hydrating formula to brighten, smooth and firm the eye contours so you can look awake and rested even when you’re not feeling it. It’s perfect for a re-touch over your make-up for those moments when the pesky dehydration lines start to creep in. Keep it in the fridge for an extra speedy eye de-puff the next morning.  

S T E P  4  :  U P G R A D E  Y O U R  M O I S T U R I Z E R 

It’s the season where your skin takes a hammering (from the cold, as well as the parties), so boosting your moisturiser is essential. Mix your Global Protection Day Cream with a shot of Instant Firming Beauty Shot to give you an instant lifting effect that lasts eight hours. It also replenishes the nutrients that our busy lifestyles drain by giving your skin some extra anti-oxidants. 

S T E P  5  :  G E T  G R I P ,  N O T  S L I P ! 

Known as a ‘game-changer for make-up’ by celebrity make-up artist Lucy Halperin, your last step in skincare is the silicone-free Perfect Canvas, leaving you with a matte finish and keeping your make-up gripped on your skin, rather than slipping off through the night. It’s clinically proven to make your make-up last longer and delivers a heap of long-term skin benefits. Simply put, we call it better skin in a bottle.

T O P  T I P 

Make sure you set and lock in your make-up with a few sprays of Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist before you walk out the door. It protects your skin, an instant ‘freshen-up’ and gives your skin that glossy finish.  

We've teamed up with REN to create a 'Party Survival Kit' - complete with everything you need for an instant refresh, all neatly tucked inside our Bowie-inspired lightning bolt bag. Let the good times roll. 

Shop our Hush X REN Party Survival Set here

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Posted on 17th November 2017 by Hush