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Top 5 Running Apps

Ok, so we're not suggesting we should all run marathons (although, one of our Marketing girls is running the London Marathon for the second time this weekend!) but we do believe in doing things to make us happy and exercise releases those all important endorphins!

Here's a list of our top five apps all designed to get you up running, whether you have a goal to reach or you just want to get outdoors for some fun in the sun...

Nike + Running

Perfect for; those getting back into the swing!

Use the app and the Nike + Coach together, to help realise and achieve your goals.

You can choose from a 5KM, to a marathon and everything in between!

5K Runner

Perfect for; new runners

There are plenty out there, our favourite is 5K Runner, as it takes you from ‘couch to 5KM’ so perfect for ultimate beginners.

Rock My Run

Perfect for; those who need a great track list

This app acts as an intelligent music centre which matches your body movements to the playlist it creates for you. The aim is to make sure you’re having such a good time, you don’t want to spot exercising… what’s not to love!

Zombies, Run

Perfect for; those who need a little push!

*Warning - not for the faint hearted*

Immerse yourself in a fully blown zombie story, where running away from these scary creatures is the aim (and you run much further than you think you can trying to get away from them!).

Map My Run

Perfect for; those in training

The GPS on the app keeps track of exactly where you’ve been, which helps when you want to map out your next run (let’s hope it’s that little bit further!)

Now you've got the motivation downloaded straight onto your phone, it's time to get those stylish running outfits sorted...

Our basics help to build a comfortable and easy to wear workout wardrobe, shop them here.

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Posted on 22nd April 2016 by Hush