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Things to try in 2016

Push all those hard to reach, over abitious resolutions aside, this year is all about giving it a go, creating fun experiences, expanding your horizons - this year is a year of adventure!

We have so much in store for you from a weekend away with the girls to Cornwall with surfing lessons, exploring vineyards in the Italian Alps, mind expanding film screenings, a week in Miami to explore the art district, beaches and culture, book readings, creative workshops to wonderful healthy exciting food, drink and more to boot!

Stick with us, it's going to be quite a year!

Here are some of the other things we're going to try in 2016...

Do something wild!

There is always emphasis at the start of the new year to get healthy and eat better - same old story...

Why not try something a bit different, a bit challenging, a bit wild!

We've put together some of our adrenilin-fuelled favourites...

Wild Swimming
Forget the local communal swimming pool, wild swimming is one of summers greatest pleasures, it's a feeling like no other. Britain has so many beautiful lakes, rivers and coast lines for you to choose from -there are many local wild swimming groups you can join if you don't fancy going it alone, we guarantee you'll be hooked for life.
With any stretch of unsupervised water, staying safe is the top priority. Learn the basics before you take the leap here

Learn To Surf
Trying new activites is always a great way to spend time with friends and get outside into the great outdoors! If you're a fan of the sea air why not try a surf lesson? Get a group of girl friends together or get the whole family to try on your next beach holiday - it's so much fun and you can do it at your own pace and level - don't worry none of us could stand up but still had a great time!
We'd recommend George's Surf School in Cornwall.

Going Solo
It might not sound so wild to some BUT whether it's the cinema or going to a city you've always wanted to visit, it's never been more acceptable (if a little terrifying) to go it alone!

Get on the move
Whether you go for a walk in the great outdoors or you want to start a new hobby with health benefits like yoga, now's the time to start!
If you'd prefer something less strenuous, take a look at our Spring Walks suggestions, perfect for early morning strolls or clearing the head!
Some fun fitness trends to look out for in 2016;

Barre Classes
Connect with your inner ballerina and give these classes a go! Improve your posture and allignment with interval training, mixed with some intense stretching.

Aerial Yoga
A yoga fan? Why not try use the weight of your body to stretch further and release those endorphins while hanging upside-down!

Dance Classes
One of our favourites has to be 'Seen On Screen' who teach routines to release your inner-Beyonce.

HIIT Training
Get stronger, leaner and more powerful with HIIT Training and with no complicated equipment needed it can be done anywhere. With an array of online sources to inspire, HIIT can be done in short bursts, perfect to fit around your busy schedule!

Expand your mind
Learn a language, read books from a different genre than you're normally drawn to, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries!
Apps are going to be bigger and better and there is going to be a whole lot more of them in 2016, they can open up a whole new world.  
We love Headspace, Smiling Mind, Periscope, Moovit, Opentable and Kayak.

Be kind to yourself... and others!
Look up, enjoy the day, give a friend a hug!

All photos can be found on our Pinterest

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Posted on 07th January 2016 by Hush