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Top 5 Box Sets

There's nothing we enjoy more when the weather gets colder than devoting our time to a new series.

With so many around, it's hard to know where your time is best spent, so we've put together our top 5 hush favourites and a little list of ones we can't wait to start ASAP..

1. Mad Men

Mad Men is the name advertising executives on Madison Avenue gave themselves in the so-called golden era of American consumerism – when the men (and they were all men) who sold the goods were the gods of US commerce.

Created and written by Matthew Weiner, who wrote the last two series of The Sopranos, Mad Men is both great drama and a fascinating insight into a very different era.

2. Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby must be one of the sexiest anti-heroes ever, but there’s a lot more to admire in this BBC based series based on a family of post-WW1 Birmingham gangsters. We’re counting down the days to Series 3 (which is being filmed right now!).

3. The Good Wife

The main character Alicia has gone back to practising law due to her husband (played by Chris Noth of Sex And The City Mr Big fame), the former state’s attorney, has been caught up in a sex scandal and sent to prison for accepting bribes. Alicia must get over her humiliation and assume responsibilty for her family.

4. The Killing

‘The Killing’ is a Danish murder mystery drama, told through the eyes of Detective Sarah Lund and told over 20 nail biting days. Sarah has to solve a heinous crime which rips through the heart of Copen­hagen.

5. True Detective

Series 1 sees a bizarre murder and a pursuit of a serial killer that spans over 17 years starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Celebrated for its cinematography and acting, this series is definitely a feast for the eyes.


Some that we can’t wait to watch whilst cosying down this autumn...


Our Friends In The North

Slings & Arrows

Parks & Recreation


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Posted on 13th October 2015 by Hush