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Travel Light

Off on holiday and in need of some summer beauty shortcuts? Professional make-up artist Caroline Barnes shared her six skincare secrets to give your holiday beauty routine a boost... 

1 : B O D Y  B L U R 

Vita Liberata Body Blur is a life saver when the seasons change and your skin is paler than you’d like it to be and you want to chuck on a mini dress but your legs just look too pasty. Apply like a body cream and it leaves a beautiful natural tan to your skin without feeling sticky. Most importantly it dries super-quickly and doesn't rub off your clothes.”

2 : S P F  M I S T 

“Worn under make-up, over make-up or sprayed on bare skin around the pool, this La Roche Posay Anti shine Invisible SPF50 mist makes sun protection really easy. Simply mist on your SPF and feel utterly decadent. It immediately absorbs into skin and dries matte so is perfect if you have oily skin or like a matte finish.”

3 : B R O W  T O P  C O A T

“Most of us love to shape and perfect our brows, so it's annoying when the colour fades and the shape distorts due to rising temperatures. This Blink Brow Bar Top Coat is great. It's a clear top coat that goes over any brow product to lock in colour so it stays put! Perfect for summer days.”

4 : T A N  O P T I M I Z E R 

“Taken a month before you go on holiday these Imedeen Tan Optimiser tablets prepare your skin for sun exposure as they are packed with lots of antioxidants. They also contain Carotenoids which are pigments found in highly coloured vegetables, these pigments colour your skin giving it a natural warmth. The colour doesn't protect you from the sun but it definitely makes you feel better on day one of wearing a bikini!”

5 : T A N N I N G  M I S T 

James Read Rose H2O Tanning mist fake tan gives the most natural tan ever. You’ll never have to have brown stained fingers again. A simple spray first thing in the morning after your moisturiser keeps you looking tanned and healthy all year round.”

6 : E Y E  P O L I S H 

“An organic cruelty free brand, these glosses by RMS Beauty sit beautifully on the skin and don't smudge the rest of your eye make-up or liquefy in the heat. The soft hues are super-easy to apply and create a cool holiday eye look."

Caroline is a professional make-up artist and the Max Factor UK Ambassador, with over twenty years experience. For more tips and tricks watch herYouTube Channel Speedy Beauty, check out her instagram @carolinebarnesmakeup or visit her website here!

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Posted on 28th June 2017 by Hush