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Adam Byatt

What was the inspiration behind Trinity?

To create a gem of a neighbourhood restaurant that people would feel comfortable using for casual mid-week dinners and social lunches as well as special occasion dinners. It sounds rather clichéd but we are inspired by excellence and ingredients. By this I mean we cook religiously by the seasons and strive for excellence in customer service.
It was always important to me to create a professional environment where the team would feel proud and respectful of the values we stand for and our guests reaping the benefits of that. This all sounds rather un-foodie but of course underpinning everything, Trinity’s inspiration is great, honest, seasonal food that is classically rooted yet remains interesting and current.

What first attracted you to food?

I had a crush on a girl in the Home Economics class at school and ended up being the only boy in the class... Sadly I have no stories of hand making pasta on my Grandmother’s knee as a child, although my Mum cooked professionally and my grandfather was a cook in the army. Once work came along I was attracted as much to the structure and disciple of kitchen as I was the food, my love and passion for food grew organically from that. I feel privileged to have been surrounded by such amazing ingredients for the past 20 years.

How do you relax/switch off?

The issue here is the Trinity never shuts, so officially switching off just isn’t an option. To combat this I go fishing, shooting, watch movies; anything that requires me to focus on that one other thing rather than work. I figure it’s a better option that going to the pub for the same medicine...
I have a boxer (who I’m convinced is the most beautiful dog ever) and walking her is great for the mind. Though above all I crave time with my children, being immersed in their world for a few hours certainly takes you away from work.

Favourite book?

I read a lot of cook books and food related material for obvious reasons and, although I have read a lot of non-food related books, I wouldn’t say I had favourite. It takes me so long to get through one that I often lose interest. I am reading the Harry Potter series with my son at the moment, which is a lot of fun.

Favourite film?

Films I can do as they are absorbing and require little effort on my part. I often watch a film on my i-Pad in bed to help me sleep. I can’t do sci-fi, fantasy or rom-com films as I simply lose interest. I recently watched Man on Wire, which was great, and The Town which I thought Ben Affleck was amazing in. And if I ever had a day of nothing I would definitely watch True Romance for the tenth time...

Favourite blog/website?

I don’t really have a website that I return to often. I use the net to gather data but a bit like most men I channel hop. There are very few blogs out there that aren’t simply someone desperately trying to be heard by someone else, which I find a bit sad.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Time on my own fishing makes me feel guilty as I always feel that I should be at work or with my family, but it’s good medicine. I am absolutely addicted to coffee and I keep alcohol in check simply because I would hate to have to spend the rest of my life without it.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice I was given was by my Head Teacher at school. He told me that I was one of the worst students ever to pass through the school and that I should clean windows with my dad for a living. I sent him a copy of my book as a thank you.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Kasabian mostly but I just bought the Pearl Jam “Ten” album, for a bit of reminiscing.

What’s your ultimate cooking cheat?

To make the perfect soufflé, rather than make a crème patisserie, simply blend overcooked rice pudding to a smooth puree and use this as a base for your soufflé with the addition of your chosen fruit flavour and whipped egg whites, perfect every time.

Click here to visit the Trinity Restaurant website!

Tags: foodies
Posted on 01st August 2011 by Hush